SIQ Outdoor Basketball

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Same tracking technology as our indoor basketball, but with added grip and durability for outdoor hoops.
The SIQ smart basketball has unlocked the secret to becoming a better shooter. It's the only certified game ball that automatically tracks:
  • Makes, misses, and swishes
  • Shot distance/heat map
  • Form Consistency
  • Shot situation (layups, relaxed, dribble and off-the-pass)
  • Release time, release angle, spin rate

Our patented technology is hidden inside the ball and doesn't affect the weight or flight of the ball at all.

Basketball is a shooter's game. See how you stack up against your teammates, friends, and other players in the SIQ Basketball app.

The SIQ ball is FIBA-approved for gameplay, so you can even track your shooting data in live games. All orders include free shipping, a 30-day risk-free trial, plus one free month of detailed shooting analytics!

The ball has a service life of 500 hours when tracking shots, i.e. when the ball is in contact with the app. This means you can shoot for 1.5 hours, every day, for an entire year.

The app works on:

  • Android 7.0 or later
  • iOS 14 or later

A user account and subscription (SIQ Shooter $6.99/month or SIQ Shooter Pro $12.99/month) are required to track your shots. Each subscription level unlocks all of the app’s shot tracking features. Pro subscribers with 12 subsequent monthly payments and over 3000 shots taken during a 6 month period receive a new ball every year, and you get to keep the old ball!

Subscription is done through either the App Store or the Google Play Store. You do not commit to anything, you can cancel your order whenever you want.


From our users...

I am a pro basketball player and shooting coach in Australia and I will be using this in the off season to get more shots up and measure my progress. This is the best investment I’ve made in my basketball development.


Jack I., Perth, Australia

My 14 year old son has never been so motivated to practice his shooting. With his club team currently inactive due to COVID-19, the SIQ ball has been a game changer in keeping his game on point.


Matt K., San Diego, California


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