Shot Detection, Classification and Swishes

SIQ's patented machine learning technology detects and tracks your shooting. You can take any kind of shot (catch and shoot, off the dribble, or a relaxed shot like a free throw) and the ball automatically classifies the shot into those categories.

The ball classifies your shots into makes and misses by analyzing the interaction between the ball and the hoop. But we didn't stop there. The SIQ ball is smart enough to know if a shot is a swish. Great shooters track swishes and "clean makes," so we're able to instantly track that info for you.

There are a few requirements for you to get most out of your SIQ basketball:

• You need a regulation 10' basket
• You need a full, unbroken net
• You need to place the phone within 90' of the ball

Finally, there are a few situations that may lead to unexpected results:

• Airballs might go undetected (as they look a lot like lob passes)
• Shots that hit the front of the rim and graze the net might be classified as makes
• Shots that bounce on the rim for more than two seconds
• Sloppy bounce passes can cause false detections
• Some layups and dunks might still go undetected, but we are working on it!