Shooter Identification and Session Splitting

SIQ Basketball tracks every shot you take, even when shooting or playing with friends and teammates.

Believe it or not, the SIQ ball is so smart that it knows who is shooting it! Your shot mechanics create a unique "fingerprint" that can used to determine who took the shot. This fingerprint is created automatically using artificial intelligence after you have taken 500 shots. And your fingerprint will be updated along the way, as your skills improve. We call this Shooter Identification.

But what about those situations where you haven't yet taken 500 shots? After finishing a session with two shooters, you can split the shots between them in the summary page by pressing the filter in the top right corner, and selecting two players. The app will apply its magic and divide the session between the shooters. Before you leave the screen, you can either switch back to single shooter or permanently store the grouping. This is Session Splitting. You can send your friend's data to them by tapping the share button after swiping left on the summary page and pressing "share". Type in your friend's email address and press submit.

There are a few requirements for you to get most out of your shooter identification:

  • You need to take varied shots from different distances (if you only take free throws, AI can only detect your shot from the line)
  • Your data used in building the fingerprint needs to be truly yours. When creating your fingerprint, don't let others shoot with your ball without using Session Splitting

Finally, there are some known situations that may lead to unexpected results:

  • Layups and dunks can't be identified
  • Session Splitting isn't always available due to too much similarity in the shot mechanics. In such cases, the shots must not be used in building your fingerprint
  • Inconsistent shooters might have difficulties in getting these features to work