Multi-Ball Support

Connecting multiple balls is easy. After connecting the first ball, press the ball icon at the top right of the screen. When the icon turns white, the app is ready to connect the next ball. You can connect up to four balls.

Once you have connected another ball, “my player” icon will appear at the top left of the screen. You can press the icon to change the grouping of shots during the session. If more than one players participate in a session, the shots are divided to the shooters based on their shooting motion and not on the ball they are shooting with. That is, the shooters don't have to worry about shooting with their own ball.

In the session summary, shots are always divided to the individual shooters. You can also tap the shot counter in the middle of the screen. In this case, the view changes to a bar chart, making it easier to compare between balls or shooters. By clicking on a single bar chart, the information at the bottom is updated only for the selected ball or shooter.