Android Troubleshooting Guide

Having issues getting your SIQ Basketball to connect (and stay connected) on your Android device? Please use the following guide to help:

  • If the app does nothing at all
    • Make sure your Bluetooth is turned ON
    • App should read/say SPIN THE BALL
    • Hold ball with two hands, looking square at SIQ logo
    • Flick the ball 8-10 ft in air with aggressive backspin
  • If the app attempts to connect but fails
    • Update your SIQ App via Google Play to version 1.1.27
    • Open the SIQ App
    • Accept the alert to update firmware
    • Hold ball still & close to phone until firmware update completes
    • If you receive an error, try process again until it completes
    • Connect ball as normal & start shooting!
  • If the app gets to ~45%, then disconnects/resets
    • This issue impacts a small number of Android models & needs to be addressed manually
    • Please email with your Phone Model & Operating System
  • If the app gets to ~36%, then disconnects/resets
    •  Please follow steps above for "App attempts to connect but fails"