About Us

Collage of FIBA logo, basketball court, basketball game and the SIQ smart basketball


Founded in 2008 by Finnish pro-baller and data geek Harri Hohteri, SportIQ was born out of a need for more. More information, more understanding, more improvement, more game—the SIQ Basketball gives you all of it. And the more you shoot, the more you get.

How did we create this super-genius bundle of spherical magic? We paired some smart computers with classic physics and put that baby into a basketball. (But so small that you won't even know it's there.) To cross-check our work, we tested the ball with Finnish national team hoopers and FIBA. You know, the international basketball federation that governs basketball worldwide? Yeah, we’re partners and our SIQ ball is approved for game play.

If you’re thinking “Wow, that sounds pretty cool,” you’re one smart cookie. But SportIQ wants to help you get even smarter. This is a chance to get in on the greatest basketball revolution since the game's inception 128 years ago. Don’t miss your shot.