SIQ to Launch Coach App

SIQ to Launch Coach App

We’re excited to announce we’ll be launching the SIQ Basketball Coach App within the next few weeks. Imagine all the analytics and features of our SIQ player app, combined with the ability to see data for all of the players you train and/or coach!

Shooting coaches around the world have been using the SIQ smart ball and app in training sessions with their clients. Now, with our new coach app, it will be possible to keep all that data in one place for easy access. It will also be easy to assign “homework” between training sessions, keeping players accountable for doing the work.

Most times, coaches only get to spend a little time each week with individual clients. It’s critical that players get meaningful feedback and reps in between those sessions.

If you’re going to be at the Committed to the Craft event June 3-4 in Louisville, please stop by our booth for a sneak peak at the coach app – and to meet our team.

And if you’d like to be one of the first coaches to get a look at the new app, please drop us an email at or visit